Are you a developer coming to SaaStr Annual 2020 but afraid there might be not quite enough content for you? Have no fear, we have got you covered. From large scale mainstage sessions to intimate workshops and even a dedicated lounge, we are carving out some of SaaStr Annual just for developers and engineers. If you can’t make it through this post before checking out the landing page and buying tickets – click here now! Not sold quite yet? There’s more info below!  

For developers attending SaaStr this year, here are our session picks you absolutely can’t miss!

  • “Juggling People, Processes, and Priorities: Leadership Lessons from Intuit, SurveyMonkey & Stitch Fix” with Heavy Bit GM Dana Oshiro Intuit CTO Marianna Tessel, SurveyMonkey CTO Robin Ducot and Stitchfix CTO Cathy Polinsky
  • “What Being a Founder Taught Me About Leadership – Lessons from GitHub’s COO” with Github COO Erica Brescia
  • “5 Ways to Foster Developer Communities” with Stack Overflow CEO Prashanth Chandrasekar
  • ” When to Hire and When to Automate” with Zapier CEO Wade Foster
  • “Scaling While Staying True to the Values of Open Source” with Neo4j CEO Emil Eifrem, Cockroach Labs CEO Spencer Kimball and Snowflake CMO Denise Persson (moderator)
  • “A CTO in Growth Mode: Five Lessons Learned for Surviving Hypergrowth at Scale” with Gusto CTO and Co-Founder Eddie Kim
  • “Commercial Open Source Growth: From First Code Commit to Global Scale” with OSS Capital Founder and GP Joseph Jacks, The Practical Dev Co-Founder Jessica Lee, Gitlab Co-Founder, and CEO Sid Sijbrandij

Looking for something a bit more smaller scale?

  • The Developer and Product lounge: This year at SaaStr Annual will have a special place just for developers and engineers. Located in the Expo Hall, attendees in these fields will have exclusive access to a lounge where they can kick their feet up, catch up on some work and network with other great minds in the industry.
  • Plato Mentorship Sessions: Plato mentorship sessions are group discussions that are led by leaders in the product and engineering field. This will be a conversation for a group of ten, organized by the mentorship platform, Plato. These sessions are being held twice at back-to-back times, so if the topic you want fills up, be sure to check the other timings for a second chance at a mentor you wanted to connect with or if you want to meet with someone different.

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