It a real concern, especially as you scale beyond the first 10 reps or so.

When you have just a few reps, everyone can sort of listen in on each other, feed off each other, iterate from each other’s scripts. Yes, it would be better to have sales ops managing scripts and communications at the 1–9 rep stage, but most companies hack it and do OK.

But after rep 10, you definitely have the risk of reps saying crazy things. Claiming the product does things it doesn’t. Making crazy claims about competition. Etc. etc. Best case, you will lose deals because of this.

You have to find a way to train the reps better, and also monitor them better (e.g., with tools like Gong and others), to make sure the customer discussions are both effective and honest.

An untrained rep, through into a medium or larger sized sales org, with limited product knowledge … may well say erroneous, and sometimes even, crazy things.

It’s not their fault.

Train them better. And monitor them better.

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