Though March might seem far away now, it’s catching up to us soon! We’re tailoring the content you want most at this year’s SaaStr Annual with some easy ways of searching through the agenda for exactly what you want to see and hear. Until the full agenda goes live, we’ll be sharing some insider tips weekly on what content you might want to bookmark before the big day.

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The Unicorns 🦄 (and Prenicorns 🐴)

Though our second day of the event is focused on mythical creatures of all kinds, you’ll find that there are unicorns hiding in our agenda every day this year. Here is a glimpse at just a few of our standout unicorns.

So, how do you choose amongst the stable of unicorns? Well, we did the heavy lifting and highlighted a few here for you…

Jean-Michel Lemieux, Shopify CTO

Shopify is a multinational e-commerce company based in Ottawa, Ontario with a $34B+ market cap. The company has over 800,000 customers in 175 countries that include Chubbies, Leesa, MVMT and more. Prior to Shopify, Jean-Michel was a VP of Engineering at Atlassian for four years and held several positions at IBM for six years.

Nicole Anasense, Squarespace COO/CFO

You could say this is a double unicorn given that Squarespace’s post-money valuation is nearly $2B. The software platform allows customers to build and host websites while using pre-built templates. Squarespace COO and CFO Nicole Anasenes has had a 20+ year career in tech. Prior to joining Squarespace in 2016 she was the CFO of Info and spent 17 years in leadership roles at IBM.

Rahul Vohra, Superhuman Founder, and CEO

If you haven’t heard of Superhuman or been sent a link with an invite to try it, now is your chance to hear from the CEO behind the viral product. The vision behind Superhuman is to create the fastest and most reliable email experience in the world. The company raised a $33M Series B led by Andreessen Horowitz in June of 2019. As of last June, the startup had 100,000+ people on a waiting list ready to pay for the app.

Michelle Zatlyn, Cloudflare COO

Cloudflare supports over 20 million internet properties, powering about 10% of the Fortune 1,000 for more than 1 billion unique IP addresses a day. The company offers CDN, DNS, and DDOs protection for businesses. Michelle Zatlyn, Cloudflare’s COO and Co-Founder has been with since meeting co-founder Matthew Prince at Harvard Business School. Michelle grew what was then known as Project Honey Pot to the next level. The two worked together to craft and refine their business plan during this time, ultimately winning the Harvard Business Plan Competition. Hear how the company grew from its small beginnings to the cloud behemoth it is today.


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