So G2 has its latest Buyer Behavior Report for 2023 out here, sourced from 1,700+ buyers.

A few great takeaways:

#1.  49% of G2’s Buyers are Increasing Spend in 2023.  42% are holding spend flat (or say they are), and only a tiny 9% are actually cutting spend.  This is consistent with all my data and experience.  Almost no one is cutting SaaS spend other than overfunded startups.

#2.  47% of Deals Are Less Than 1 Year in Length.  Of course, this is very sensitive to the specific vendor, type of buyer, etc.  Most enterprise deals in general IMHE are 1+ years in length.  But super interesting to see that across all G2’s buyer base, 47% of deals are 6 months or less, and that exceeds 50% outside the U.S.  Let folks buy the way they want to buy, and more folks buy.

#3.  55% of Buyers Think Spending Will Increase Again in 2024.  It likely will be even higher in my experience,

#4.  86% of Buyers Require a Security Audit.  This is a very helpful statistic.  You gotta do it, folks.  The earlier you get good at this, the earlier you go SOC-2 and more, the easier it will be with bigger buyers.

All of this ties to our most recent SaaStr pulse check here:



Much more in the report here.


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