Gartner Forecasts Enterprise Software Spending Increases >Another< $110 Billion in 2022

So in January of 2021, Gartner predicted enterprise SaaS spend would grow by a stunning 10.2% next year.  Unprecedented levels of growth for business software in the enterprise.

They’ve now updated that and predict an even further, and stunning, acceleration in enterprise software spend in 2022 — now up to 11.5% growth:

Put differently, Gartner after surveying 2,000 CIOs is now projecting enterprises will spend $110 billion more on enterprise software in 2022 … than they predicted just in January.  In January, they predicted $557B in spend for 2022.  Now 10 months later, with more data, they’ve revised that upwards to $669B.


Now, this number includes a lot, including a lot of infrastructure software, which Gartner says will outpace application software.  But still.

The Best of Times in SaaS and Cloud, indeed.

Published on October 26, 2021

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