One really important driver for us at SaaStr is to help build the SaaS community and foster connections. That community can come in the form of anything from peer mentorship or tactical advice from session content, or even networking with VCs to help grow your company. At SaaStr Europa we try to keep an experience with a mix of both face to face interactions and onstage interactions to allow you to pick and choose the best ways to reach your goals. This year between speakers and attendees we’ll have a huge range of VCs at the event. Here are some suggestions for how you can make the most of your experience this year.

Check out some of our VC day sessions! 🤝🏻

  • “Hacking Your Cap Table: How Much Equity to Give and When” with Equify Founder and CEO Alex Leger Cattarini, Index Ventures Talent Partner Dominic Jacquesson, Futrli Founder and CEO Hannah Dawson and Alan Head of Risk, Finance and Compliance Paul Sauveplane.
  • “10 things that aren’t obvious about partnering with big companies” with Workday Ventures Co-Head Leighanne Levensaler
  • “Early days: why it took two years to fund this company” with Shasta Ventures Managing Director

Our VC day sessions will feature partners’ passion topics. From fundraising to equity incentives and scaling companies, hear from U.S. and European based VC firms on what is top of mind for them at the moment. Sessions aside, there will be many VCs in attendance. Here are just a few of the firms represented at SaaStr Europa this year: Hummingbird, Partech, Threshold, SamsungNEXT, Blossom Capital, Indigo Partners, Dawn Capital, Tola Capital, Sapphire Ventures, Notion Capital and more.

Meet a VC

Come for the content, stay for the connections. If you’re a founder or CEO looking for your next round (or your first), maybe some advice, then apply to our Meet a VC program. When you purchase your ticket there will be an option to opt in for the program. With some of the brightest minds in SaaS and VC all in one place, foster a new connection, you never know where it could go. If all goes well, what should you look for when negotiating a term sheet? Here’s some helpful advice from SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin:


Haven’t bought your ticket to Europa (yet)? Don’t worry. THIS is a one-click hyper warp!

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