Over the past 10 years, the SaaS community has blown us away with your energy and passion, and has been the driving force in helping us expand from our humble roots of a few hundred Founders at our first meet-up and 1,000 or so at the first SaaStr Annual in 2015.

Fast forward to 2022 and we already have almost 1000 VCs registered to attend SaaStr Annual Sep 13-15 in SF Bay Area(!)  From Iconiq to Bessemer, from Sequoia to Andreessen, from Craft Ventures to Initialized.  You can meet them your own way.  But if you are a CEO, apply for Meet-a-VC Day on Thursday, Sep 15.  That’s when we do more.  First, we facilitate 1-on-1s between founders and VCs.  And second, we do small roundtables, Braindates, and luncheons so you can pick VCs you want to learn from.  And importantly, we connect these 1000s VCs with hundreds of top founders interested in venture funding.  Either now, or later.

We’re mixing it up with a combination of:

  • 300+ 1:1 meetings with top VCs
  • 20+ super Braindates and roundtables
  • 20+ “Lunch” With a VC Sessions (they’ll actually run all day) where the VCs pitch you
  • Founder Confidential, where top CEOs tell you what it was really like

This Meet-a-VC program will be exclusively available to SaaStr Annual 2022 attendees only and could be your big chance to meet investors from Silicon Valley giants.

If you’re a Founder interested in submitting your startup to the Meet-a-VC Program, or a VC that wants to meet top founders like Fairmarkit above, simply follow these steps:

  • First, secure your ticket to the Annual.
    • Remember, this program is strictly limited, opt-in (founders + investors), and must be applied for once you’re a verified attendee.
    • After registering, SaaStr will invite attendees identifying as post-revenue Founders or CEOs to participate as a startup in the Meet-a-VC Program.
    • If you missed the email, apply here for founders and here for VCs once you have a ticket to Annual.
  • Second, founders that opt-in to the Meet-a-VC Program will be required to upload a full deck, stage, funding status, revenues, growth rate, etc. to keep the meetings focused.
  • SaaStr will match founders to VCs to ensure every attendee that qualifies meets with at least one VC.
  • SaaStr will provide participating venture firms with a curated list of startups based on their current interest.
  • VCs will reach out as desired to set up meetings with starts up at Annual.
  • Note that not everyone will get meetings.  Your pitch has to be good!  But we can pretty much guarantee you 100s and 100s of top VCs will at least take a look at all program participants.  That’s pretty good right there.
  • Founders in our Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion program will get priority access to VCs in the program.

And for VCs that have — and have not — attended Annual before, we’re leveling things up in general.  Once you buy your VC ticket, we’ll reach out and confirm if you want to participate in Meet-a-VC.  If you do, we’ll match you with a handful, and let you know about everyone that wants to raise at your stage.


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