We bought a fairly early P85 in 2012. No Autopilot, no parking sensors, no badge on the back, almost no nothing on this early build.

The seats aren’t that comfortable. The materials aren’t that great. It’s a bit noisy on the highway.

But — nothing has ever gone wrong, period.

Nothing at all.

Stuff has been replaced under warranty when it was in for maintenance, I’m forgetting exactly what.

But outside of 2 flat tires (annoying with no spare and the high wear from the 21″ wheels), in coming up on 6 years, from a very early build — there have been zero maintenance issues, zero breakdowns, zero anything. And the boring black interior looks to be in basically the same shape as new, with no wear on the seat bolsters, no tears, etc. And no fading on the paint, or black pieces of exterior trim, etc.

It feels, looks, and drives almost exactly as new.

I strongly suspect as others note this is simply due to the extreme simplicity of an electric, one-speed “drivetrain”.

Seems like a good used bet to me.

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