It’s OK.

Yes, your sales script as a technical ceo with no experience in sales will be terrible in the beginning. Just terrible.

But you have 2 secret weapons:

  • You know the product better than anyone on the planet. After all — you built it. This is very important always, but especially with your first customers. Somehow, they decided to evaluate you. A vendor no one on the planet Earth has ever heard of. That’s the hard part. But if you get anyone to actually talk to you, you’ve got a good shot. Now, you can show them why you are special. The one think you do 10–100x better than anyone else. This — you know.


  • You are the CEO. Customers love to talk to the CEO. Even the CEO of a 2-person of 5-person company. They love it. Use that. It works. Don’t be shy or embarrassed because you are the CEO of a 2-person start-up in WeWork. You are still The CEO. Buyers rarely get to talk to the CEO. They love it.,

After 5 customers, you’ll get better.

After 10, you can write the first script.

Because after 10 … you’re ready to hire your first 2 sales reps.

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