Let me just add one small amplification to Garry Tan’s A+ answer (which I agree with 100%) just to be helpful.

If a VC shows any real interest (and yes, the line between real and faux can be hard to see) … be persistent.

Many VCs have 2 exec admins, an army of associates, and if they don’t follow up with you … you know. You know they’re out. Because most VCs that are hungry, in the hunt … will sort of drop everything when they see a deal they really, really want to do. Because the average VC only does 1-3 deals a year.

But …

Then there are guys like me. I’ve only been a VC for 24 months. But I get 1,000 emails a day. I have like 60,002,299 In-Mails waiting on LinkedIn. I forget. I get behind. I don’t have an exec admin or an army of associates.

If I said “that’s interesting” to you, but didn’t schedule a meeting — remind me. Maybe I just screwed up. I’m sorry.

Once, probably, twice.

It also shows me you are aggressive. That you’ll make cr*p happen. That you aren’t a wallflower waiting for the world to come to you.

I really like aggressive founders. (It’s especially important in SaaS: SaaStr | Hyperaggresiveness … Can You Do It?).

Just not the ones that are aggressive without at least a very small invitation to be so 🙂

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