You sort of need to back into it based on your opportunity-to-closed deal ratio.

The ratio can vary widely … maybe from 5%-20%, and to some extent, can be influenced even by the definition of an opportunity. The competitive landscape will also be a big influencer.

But in general, 15%-20% is considered Pretty Good.

So if the quota for the rep is say $600k, your average Opportunity is $20k in size, and you have a 15% opportunity-to-closed ratio … your rep will need ~200 opportunities over the year to hit her quota, or about ~15 a month.

Then the question is what is the lead-to-opportunity ratio …

A different way to back into it is that it’s hard for a rep to have too many more than 50 thoughtful, deep, qualified conversations a month, that include multiple demos, follow-ups, etc. 3 demos a day is a lot to prep for, x 20 working days + holidays = 50 good demos a month.

Those conversations can be with leads, or with opportunities. But if you are funneling too many unqualified leads to a rep that take too much work (demos, multiple stakeholders, business process map) … it will break. You’ll need more reps to do more than 50 of these, max, a month.

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