So almost everything SaaStr does is … free.

  1. Our content is free
  2. SaaStr University is free
  3. Our digital events are free
  4. Our newsletters are free
  5. Our podcast and YouTube are free (of course)

Our IRL events aren’t free, but for most attendees, they are massively subsidized.  Buy an early-bird ticket, and you’re paying less than 50% of the actual $1,000+ cost.  And we are thankful to provide 2,000 no-cost Equality and Inclusion passes a year to SaaStr Annual and Europa.

And yes, our investment fund SaaStr Fund has done fairly well, but it’s separate and doesn’t fund SaaStr itself.

  • So how do we keep the lights on?
  • How did SaaStr survive losing $10,000,000 when 2020 Annual was canceled?  (Barely, but with an amazing team that pulled together is the answer)
  • How do you partner with field marketers, and more?

The deep dive is here in a chat with Nathan Latka, as well as how we do marketing, and much more:

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