Dear SaaStr: I’m Being Recruited by a Startup That Just Raised $5m.  How Do I Vet Them?

First, there’s probably something there if they raised $5m.  That’s never as easy at it sounds.  It means the early traction looks good, or the team looks strong, or both.  At least, usually.

But of course that’s not everything in the early days especially.

So how you can do your own diligence as the first senior sales exec going in?   It’s likely too early to judge based on revenue and a Google Search.

I’d suggest a quick 2 part test:

#1.  Decide if the CEO is literally a 10/10 and ideally the CTO

If you aren’t sure the CEO is truly great, and ideally, the CTO, then ask around.  Ask folks that worked with them before.  You want at least some of them to say they were the best they’d ever worked with.


#2.  Ask to join a customer call and listen to a few Gong calls and see if you really believe you can level up things

Way too many sales execs don’t do this.  A great rep might fail in one environment but succeed in another.  You gotta listen to some calls, and ideally join 1 or 2, and then be honest.  Can you do it — there?  Is it the right selling environment for you?  Often, it isn’t.  No matter how attractive the other parts of the role may be.

More here:

One Tough (But Rewarding) Job: Being the First Sales Rep at a SaaS Startup

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