It’s a very good idea to have someone always answer the phone (support), chat, ticket, everything in as close to real-time as possible.

It’s very important to go visit at least your top customers frequently, get their feedback, and engage with them (customer success).

Your own employees and team will know your product, the issues, and its future better. It’s much better to staff these functions in-house.

But … it’s better to outsource than to “non-source”.

It’s much better for someone to answer the phone than no-one. For someone to respond to the Intercom request in 60 seconds, than no one to respond to it. You can generally train an outsourced first to at least do basic Tier 1 support, answer the Top 10 questions or so, and say “we’ll get back to you” on the rest.

That’s not great. But it’s a lot better than nothing. Than a phone that isn’t picked up, or a chat window that’s never live, or a Facebook page that no one follow up on.

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