Welcome to Episode 61! John Gleeson is VP of Customer Success at Affinio where John was employee #1. Two and a half years later, John is the VP of Customer Success following their Series A and has seen the team expand to over 40 people and have offices in New York, Toronto, Halifax, and Ireland. John has written a special blog post just for SaaStr listeners, outlining his ultimate guide to customer success reading; it is my go to guide for customer success. john_gleeson

In today’s episode you will learn:
How did John make his way into the world of SaaS and more specifically customer success?
John has previously described customer success as ‘The Analogue of Sales’, what does he mean by this?
How does it affect the way he views customer success?
How does John view the role of sales vs customer success in large accounts? How do they partner to drive expansion?
How can customer success managers be truly productive at the enterprise level? How can they measure their success with this productivity increase?
Moving downstream, why does John believe the $2m benchmark per CSM is the hardest phase? What skills do you need to be successful at this stage? With so many accounts, is it possible to be proactive?

60 Second SaaStr:
The biggest mistake most companies make when it comes to customer success?
Most common questions asked by CSM leaders?
Measuring customer success?

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