This is one of the questions for the ages.

I think what we’ve all learned here over the years is that specialization is important. But also, ownership of the entire journey is important. There’s a sort of a conflict there, as pre-sales to customer success are all just steps in a single long-term customer journey.

These days, we are seeing more and more “CROs” (Chief Revenue Officers) that want to own this entire cycle.

Sometimes, this works. Sometimes, it’s a vanity title to make a VP of Sales happy. This doesn’t work, because the VP of Sales lacks the skills to manage the other functional areas, and worse, gets distracted because you take her away from a closing role.

So the bottom line is what you really need are a VP of Sales, Marketing and Customer Success that are aligned.

In the end, someone has to manage all three. It probably has to be you, or a COO, or a similar hire. More here:…

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