So 2023 was a strange year, with many of the biggest, public Cloud and SaaS leaders on a tear, from Microsoft to Cloudflare to Palantir — but at the same time, so many startups and especially those in traditional B2B struggled to grow.  The best of the best pulled away in many cases, but so many apps were also cut when they weren’t viewed, for now at least, as mission-critical.  For now at least.

So what’s the overall vibe check?  We did a survey with 2,000+ respondents:

The learnings?  For some, sales is easier these days, at least a bit.  But for just about the exact same number of folks, it’s harder.  And the biggest category said things were … about the same.

That’s where things are today.  Some aren’t seeing any downturn at all.  Some are benefitting from AI, Cloud growth, and more.  And others are still digging out of the App Layoffs.

It’s just so mixed.

Are We Done With The App “Layoffs”? It Looks Like It

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