I don’t love ours (it’s my wife’s).

The technology is awe-inspiring.  The acceleration is shocking.  Not getting gas is epic.  Supercharging is supercool.  But …

Why I don’t love it:

  • It’s really loud on the freeway.  It’s not “luxury car”-like, which is fine for shorter trips, but I find it tiring on the freeway.  I’m fatigued from the noise (and possibly, other construction techniques they use to get such a low coefficient of drag) after driving 30+ miles.
  • The seats are not comfortable.  This is known.  My back hurts on longer drives.  The kids also find the back seat and overall driving experience uncomfortable and ask to be driven in any car other than the Tesla.  They claim “it makes them feel sick”.  I haven’t tried the upgraded seats they have now.
  • The accelerator and brake pedal are way, way too close together.  This is known.  It results in occassionally missing the brake pedal in particular.  This is well known.  I guess if I drove it more often I would adapt.
  • It is very, very wide.  This makes it a pain to use in garages and street parking.  Really, it makes the car inconvenient in certain uses cases, much as a pick-up truck is, no matter how much how might love your rig.  It would not fit properly into my tight work parking space.  I think it’s a fine car for the Peninsula.  It doesn’t seem to totally make sense to me in San Francisco.

So net net, my wife likes it.  But I find my 10 year old GS450h hybrid quieter, more comfortable, and much easier to park.

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