Ok, with SaaStrScale.com under way, we’re gearing up for a more informal and super fun event THIS UPCOMING TUESDAY IN NEW YORK, our SaaStr NYC Meet-Up.

It was be this next Tuesday, September 3, at Digital Ocean’s super cool HQ.  And we already have 200+ founders, VCs (lots) and CEOs signed up!!

The agenda:

Doors open at 5pm.  Jason + Team SaaStr will be there to answer questions.  We’ll have cocktails and refreshments!  Come Early!!

6:30-7:45 or so, we’ll have sessions:

6:30:  “How to Go Upmarket, Close a $1,000,000 Deal, and In General, How to Learn to Go More Enterprise.”  With Jason Lemkin + CEO Vasu Prathipati and Shauntle Barley, Head of Growth at MaestroQA.com, a great NYC start-up that just closed its first $1m deal (boom!!).  And went radically upmarket in the past 12 months.  Here he is flying back from the $1m deal! 🙂

6:50:  “An Inside Look at the Top SaaS VC Rounds.  What it Really Takes in 2019 and 2020.” with Teddie Wardi, Managing General Partner and Brooke Kiley, Investor at Insight Partners.  Insight is one of the very biggest and most prolific SaaS investors in over 25 Cloud Unicorns and more.  Teddie and I have co-invested in a bunch of winners, from Pipedrive to Showpad to Salesloft to Automile and more, so we have a lot of fun history.  We also did our London meet-up / Summer Social together in 2015!

7:10:  “10 Ways to Go From $1m to $10m Faster, the 2019 Edition” with Jason+Friends.  If we still have time and folks want to keep going, we’ll do this #1 rated session from SaaStr Europa with new content and updates.

How To Get From $1m to $10m ARR the Fastest: Our Discussion at Launch Scale

Then we’ll get back to talking all things ARR until 9pm or until they kick us out!

It will be tons of fun, and tons of top VCs and CEOs in attendance.

Be there!

We already have 200+ coming so grab the last tickets here.


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