It’s almost here.  The 2017 SaaStr Annual.

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Just a few extra last minute tips:

  1. It Will Be Packed.  We’ll have ~10,000 nominal attendees which realistically means about 5,000 on-site at any given time at the Bill Graham (not everyone will be there at all times, etc).  The Bill Graham is a super fun venue, the second largest in SF behind Moscone.  But it will be packed.  So a few tips:
    •  Go Upstairs (to Floor 2) for more seating for the Strategy Stage.  We’ll have seating for about 700 on first floor for all three main-floor stages (Strategy, Tactical and Hyper Tactical).  But the Strategy Stage has another 1,200+ seats on the second floor.  So go up there for more space.  50% of our sponsors will be with you in Expo on 2.
    • Go to Great Sessions on Floor 4 — The Deep Dive Stage.  We have tons of open space on Floor 4 (it runs the length of an entire city block) where we’ll have the very cool Salesforce-sponsored Deep Dive Stage.  On Tuesday in particular, after a Deep Dive with the CEO of Expensify to kick things off, we’ll have open AMAs on Sales and Customer Success with top sales and CS leaders.  So hang out on 4.  We’ll also have coffee, churros and slurpees there — and plenty of space.   Consider it your secret getaway lounge.  There should always be plenty of room, and plenty of great new folks to meet, on 4.
    • Hang out on the Floor 1 Lounge behind the Strategy Stage.  You’ll understand once you get there, but behind the stages on the first floor is a great sponsor expo and just as importantly — extra seating, lounges, and charging stations.  So as much as you’ll be tempted to linger around the entrance (aren’t we all?)… the trick is to go Back.  go Up.  and go More Up.Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 8.06.47 AM
  2. Come On-Time.  And Yes, There Will be Breakfast, and Mimosas & Bloody Marys (on Wed and Th).  We’ve said this before, but the key to getting the most of the Annual is to come on time.  Show up at 10am on Tuesday and 8:30-9am on Wednesday and Thursday (there will be breakfast on Wed and Th).  There will be special coffees, special cocktails, and special socks (on Thursday) for coming on time.  Most importantly, it’s the best time to meet other founders and VPs.Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 8.09.52 AM
  3. Register for Your Break-Out Party on Tuesday Night in the Mobile App.  Wednesday night is The Big Party — nothing to do, just come.  But there are a host of official break-out parties on Tuesday night.  Download the mobile app and pick the one that fits you best.  There are also tons of unofficial parties this year too.  You can see some of them in the mobile app, too.
  4. Take a Break at The CoSelling Space.  There are tons of great places to take a break in SF.  If you want to hang out at the new 15,000 sq ft SaaStr CSS .. we’ll have shuttles running from outside the Bill Graham (you can also Lyft or if you like to walk, walk one-way if it’s not raining).
  5. You’ll Never Be Bored.  Things will go wrong.  We’ll make mistakes.  The rain will be a challenge.  But you’ll never be bored– right up through the end.  We’ll finish with a special session with the founder of AppDynamics, just sold for $3.7b to Cisco.  We’ll start with a bang with the CEO of Trello, just sold for $450m to Atlassian.  You’ll get tired.  It will be loud.  But you’ll never be bored.

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Tickets sold out over the weekend, but we’ll be releasing tickets as we receive cancellations and get approval for more seating, so check the ticket page often and grab tickets if they’re available!


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