About 18 months ago, we started to invest more in LinkedIn, both in publishing and our feed.  We went from a handful of followers 2 years ago to almost 160,000 in about that time and have learned a lot.  Mostly, it’s been a great place to meet new folks that don’t engage with us in other media.  It turns out, LinkedIn has its own communities and group that have helped expand the SaaStr ecosystem. Probably just as importantly, LinkedIn’s feed has evolved, at least for SaaS, to become a bit of “Twitter for Businesspeople”.  As it has, it’s become a great outlet for SaaStr insights, long and short.

So it was great to read today that SaaStr is now the #1 ranked Voice in Startups & Entrepreneurship on LinkedIn!  Read more here

Thank you Linkedin!!!

These are the 10 must-know writers and creators driving the conversation around startups and venture capital.

Two million posts, videos and articles, tens of thousands of comments and tens of millions more shares and likes are generated on LinkedIn every hour. This can make finding the right voices to follow — particularly in venture capital and startups — challenging. We went straight to the data to put together our 4th annual LinkedIn Top Voices list, uncovering today’s must-follow professionals in startups and entrepreneurship.

To find standout voices, we use a combination of data and editorial signals. We screen for engagement among professionals sharing in their area of expertise, looking at what kind of conversations — measured by engagement, including comments and re-shares — their original content is creating. We track relative follower growth, too: Are these professionals attracting dedicated fans in their particular sector? Finally, we emphasize quality and diversity; the list should reflect the world we work in.

The creators below stood out because of their ability to explain and uncover the stories that really matter most within the venture capital and startup industries in 2019. From the Chinese explosion of startup growth to systemic sexism across the venture capital industry, these investors and founders didn’t shy away from the key issues, sparking conversation across the platform in the process.”

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