We’ll be close to capacity for the main expo at the 2019 SaaStr Annual by the end of the month, so we’re going to open up an annex on the lower floor to accomodate more sponsors.

The main expo will be packed.  It will be sandwiched right in between the 2 largest stages, with our mentoring lounge right in the middle, and the evening cocktail parties will be centered there, so it will have constant traffic from dusk until dawn.

But the downstairs / secondary expo will be plenty busy, too, and will serve as a rest space for folks when the main expo is too full.  If you want to be in the main expo, sponsor now!  Most of the remaining red spaces above will be gone in September.

But if you want a quieter experience, we’ll have space downstairs for some overflow sponsors, too.  More details coming shortly on the sponsor annex (it will be the same price & size as main expo).

And look forward to 2019 being the biggest, funnest, most collaborative Annual ever!

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