“My App Stack” is a new series where we dig in with top CMOs, CROs, CTOs and CEOs on just what apps they’re really using to run their business.  I always learn a lot from these — they are in essence a best practices list from each leader.  Last week we had a great one with Samyutha Reddy, Head of Enterprise Marketing at Jasper.ai, check it out here.

This week we have Jack Moberger, Director of Enablement at Algolia!

#1.  What’s your core stack of apps today?

#2.  What’s the number one top new app you’ve added the past year?

Rattle. They’re powering instant automatic deal rooms, gong recording summaries with next steps, suggested MEDDPICC updates based on the call in slack, and the ability to edit any SFDC field from slack with a quick command.

Soon, we’ll launch all kinds of PLG/Prescriptive notifications to enable our reps to provide more tailored outreach during trial-driven sales processes.

Rattle is the reason I added Slack to the list above. They’ve become a part of our Sales UI.

#3.  Other than your own, what app would you never let anyone take away from you no matter what: 

Gong – Enablement leaders just got a huge level-up in terms of ROI and change reporting. You used to run a training, then hope that conversions improved once your sales cycle caught up. Now, you can track the behaviors you’re looking to change immediately, and push trackers to SFDC to show the $$ driven by the specific programs and behaviors. Super new, but totally game-changing.

#4.  What’s your top “undiscovered gem” — an app you love but others may not have heard of?

MadKudu: MK does firmographic lead scoring, placing accounts into buckets based on whether or not they fit our various ICP categories. Lots of companies do that (MK does it very well), but they also integrate with segment for PLG-driven engagement scores. Not too many companies lean on their trial for enterprise sales, but we consistently see it make an impact in mid-6-figure deals.

Jack Moberger is Director of Enablement at Algolia, where he leads all training and enablement tooling for the folks interacting with their prospects & customers. In his role, Jack works to support a super talented enablement team in building and coaching on nuanced playbooks that lean on natural AE creativity and a highly consultative approach. Prior to joining Algolia, Jack gained PLG-driven GTM experience at Appcues, and started his career in FP&A at General Electric.

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