“My App Stack” is a new series where we dig in with top CMOs, CROs, CTOs and CEOs on just what apps they’re really using to run their business.  I always learn a lot from these — they are in essence a best practices list from each leader.  Last week we had a great one with Udi Ledergor, Chief Evangelist at Gong, check it out here.

This week we have Kyle Norton, CRO at Owner!

#1.  What’s your core stack of apps today?

#2.  What’s the number one top new app you’ve added the past year?

Replayz.ioIt autoscores sales calls according to our specific call frameworks with AI. This allows sales reps to get instant feedback and gives our frontline managers a tremendous amount of coaching scale. It helped us improve win rates from 38% to 53% in a 10 week period in Q2 of this year. Game changing addition for us.

#3.  Other than your own, what app would you never let anyone take away from you no matter what: 

Has to be SalesForce because everything else is built on top of and integrated into it and it’s the only CRM I’ve used. I’m sure Dynamics and Hubspot are great but it would be too painful for me to relearn. Maybe the shift to the data warehouse as the source of truth (Snowflake for us) and AI change my opinion here though.

#4.  What’s your top “undiscovered gem” — an app you love but others may not have heard of?

Momentum.io – It’s like Troops with AI on steroids. Momentum powers a ton of automations between SalesForce, Gong and Slack for us. It allows us to deliver reminders, call summaries, suggested next steps, custom prompts and easy to follow workflows directly to our market facing teams and leadership. There are a number of vendors in the space but I originally chose Momentum because they ship at an incredible pace so the product is improving rapidly.


As the CRO at Owner, Kyle leads a team of go to market professionals who help independent restaurants grow their direct, online takeout and delivery channels. He leverages his 14+ years of experience in B2B SaaS sales, go-to-market strategy, and revenue leadership to provide value-added solutions for our clients and drive growth for our company.

Kyle is also a Limited Partner, Advisor, and Investor for several SaaS-focused funds and startups, where he shares his insights and expertise on scaling, marketing, and selling SaaS products and services. He is passionate about supporting the SaaS ecosystem and empowering entrepreneurs and innovators.

Additionally,  Kyle is a founding member of the Toronto chapter of Pavilion, a global community of revenue leaders and operators.

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