Since its release at the 2016 Annual in February, From Impossible to Inevitable has been hailed as the book every entrepreneur needs to read and has become a staple on the bookshelves of thousands of founders and executives. In preparing for the audiobook release (keep an eye out in Q4!), Aaron and Jason have decided to make a few sample chapters available for free, just for the SaaStr audience.

If you missed the hype surrounding the book’s debut, From Impossible to Inevitable is built around The Seven Ingredients of Hypergrowth:

  1. Nail a niche, which is about defining your focus so you are ready to grow.  Nail your niche before you try to scale your business.
  2. Create predictable pipeline by using existing successful customers, inbound marketing, and targeted outbound campaigns to create the opps needed to drive growth.
  3. Make sales scalable, which argues for specialization as soon as you can afford it. Separatethese four sales functions: outbound prospecting, inbound lead handling, selling (closing new business), and customer success.
  4. Double your deal size details how to build a balanced business based on a mix of average sized deals topped up with larger enterprise deals. And it’s packed with specific advice and tactics to increase deal size.
  5. Do the time, which is a reality check on just how long it takes to get to $100M ARR.  (Hint: it’s longer than you think.)
  6. Embrace employee ownership, which reminds founders and execs that employees are “renting — not owning — their jobs” and how to encourage ownership throughout your org.
  7. Define your destiny, which concludes the book with advice on career management for employees — particularly those who are quick to point fingers or shirk the responsibility for their lack of success.

Download a free excerpt!

Today, we have the entire first section, Nailing a Niche, available for download. It opens with an often painful truth: “you’re not ready to grow.

SaaStr Book - From Impossible to Inevitable by Jason Lemkin and Aaron Ross

Download the free sample chapter and we’ll enter you to win a signed copy!

Jason and Aaron will walk you through a list of questions you need to consider before you try to scale, then they’ll hand you a ton of actionable advice so you can get there faster. They’ve included detailed case studies, anecdotes, and learnings from their own struggles and successes (and those of many other successful SaaS companies) that will help you avoid common pitfalls and nail your niche with less stress.

“Specialize in a specific pain you solve, but don’t get so narrow that you can’t find anyone that has it.”

We can’t do it justice in a blog post. Just enter your email below to download the pdf, then go grab another coffee — you’re going to be up all night restructuring your growth plan!

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