Our Book, From Impossible to Inevitable, Crossed 15,000 Copies Sold'

Jason Lemkin

We got word yesterday from Wiley that our book, From Impossible to Inevitable, crossed 15,000 total real, actual sales, with 1,000 of them in November alone.


It was a learning to me most people actually still prefer to buy hardcopy versions of business books.  This isn’t unique to us — it’s true of most titles.  Who knew?

There’s still a lot to be learned about book marketing which is all new to me.  And it’s a terrible way to make any money.  Still at $0 net there.

But the book is pretty good.  I recommend it.  While I contributed a ton of content, Aaron Ross did all the work, so thank him (if you love it) or blame me (if you don’t).  It has a lot of the best updated SaaStr content, with case studies, combined with updated versions of Aaron’s best learnings.  It’s the real deal.

Check the sample chapters below, and get your copy here.


Published on December 7, 2016


  1. Congrats, but I’m not surprised, it’s a great book!

    Just a quick heads up that your link is good for us in the U.S., but it looks like 2/3 of your traffic on Saastr is international (

    Just like what your’re doing with your Amazon link on, you might want to use a better link to make sure you aren’t ignoring your loyal international fans and keep those sales numbers growing anywhere you link people to Amazon.

  2. FWIW, I bought the hard copy way back in Feb (via Amazon to Australia) – no surprise it was worth it given other content I’d read by the authors. Why hard copy? If it has an index its reasonably searchable so no real downside but the big plus is that my preferred way to consume this type of content is a comfy chair, big cup of tea, maybe some background music and a highlight pen. Maybe I’m old school but I still like just grabbing a key reference from the bookshelf…paper still works 🙂

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