Ok, it’s coming, and it’s time for you to get your copy!

It’s the Book!  SaaStr + Predictable Revenue team up with Wiley for “From Impossible to Inevitable”, the book.


The book is about 20% of your favorite SaaStr content, but updated and extended with case studies; 20% new SaaStr-ish content; and 60% generally new stuff on building and scaling B2B businesses.  Believe it or not, we’ve been working on for 1.5 years.

The promo video is above, which I’m not sure 100% why it would make you buy the book, but we had fun making it.

So there are two great ways to get a copy:

First, pre-order on Amazon now — please!!  If you do, we’ll also send you SaaStr stickers AND if you come to the SaaStrAnnual.com from Feb 9-11, you’ll get into the special book session on Feb 8th.  Click here!

Second — just come to the SaaStr Annual!  Granted, a founder ticket is significantly more than the price of a book.  But the first 1,000 folks to show up and ask for a copy get a free one.

We have room for 5,000 folks at the SaaStr Annual but will run out of space in early January and have to go wait-list only.  We also are almost completely out of space for sponsors.  So NO COMPLAINING when we do sell out.  And if you do want to come (or find a creative way to sponsor) — now is the time!  More here.

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