Great news!

We’ve been working on this for some time, and finally, we’ve closed on an amazing new “co-selling” office in SF, in the Design District (near Zynga and Adobe) for The SaaStr CoSelling Space.

We’ll have 15,000 square feet of high-end, conference room-filled space on approximately October 1 for 15-20 of the best next-generation, post-revenue start-ups, to all work in the same high-end office and learn to sell, market and scale together.  We have about 50% of the space already taken by SaaStr community companies.


Our goal is to bring together some of the best SaaS startups:

  • from $8k (min) to $100k or so in MRR — folks that are just learning to sell, OR
  • first Bay Area office of great SaaS companies already a bit past $100k in ARR


  • instead of working in your First Crummy Office, alone, not knowing what you are doing …
  • work instead in a beautiful, A+ grade space with 15-20 other peer companies all making the same hires,and  learning together

We call it The CoSelling Space (CSS), or you could also think of it conceptually as a post-accelerator space.

We’ll have amazing content, a Chief Revenue Officer-in-Residence, as well as high-end conference rooms and meetings spaces good enough to bring your highest-end prospects in to pitch.

We’re looking for just a couple of additional initial start-ups in the space when we open it up in a few weeks.

>> Interested?  Learn more and apply here:

We also have room for some Euro-to-U.S. companies that need 1-2 spaces as their SF HQ, and/or NY and L.A. companies with the same need.


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