It’s hard to imagine.

  • First, it’s difficult to imagine a price that would move the needle — at this point in life. You kind of want everything to be 10x what you did last time.
  • Second, it’s difficult to imagine working for someone else.
  • Third, I’d have no interest in doing something that made SaaStr even 1% less authentic. Life is too short.
  • Fourth, this is just when it gets good. When you finally have a global brand, the stuff that is “hard” finally gets easier. Overall, it doesn’t get any easier. But the hard stuff gets easier. We’ll have 20,000+ attendees next year and the world’s best speakers in SaaS, the best sponsor ROI in the industry, and most importantly, the best attendees. That’s pretty cool.

The overall SaaStr “businesses”, such as they are, should do about $7m GAAP this year, and maybe $15m-$20m+ next year. That does have some value. So it’s not impossible, but it seems unlikely.

Having said that, overall, it’s been 4 years and 8 months.

You have to challenge yourself every 4–5 years to reinvent both your company and yourself.

If you can’t find a way to do that, you’ll wash out. It’s too hard. More on that here:…

If you are burnt out, if you are out of ideas, if you aren’t willing to reinvent yourself — and you can sell in Year 4 or 5 — you should.

I’m still -$400,000 “in the hole” from SaaStr, Inc. Is that worth it, for 4 years and 8 months of work?

Of course not.

The return has to be in the Next 5–50 Years. And Beyond.

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