We’ve worked out a formula the past 5 years at SaaStr Annual.com, with a “Big Party” for everyone on Wednesday night, and break-out parties on Tuesday night, and smaller evening gatherings on Monday (before kick-off) and Thursday (last day).

The Tuesday night parties have always been fun but a bit chaotic as we’ve struggled to figure out how to host them, where, etc.  So we’re rebooting it all this year to make things much better.

We’re adding “SaaStr Nights”.  On Tuesday Feb 5, we’re shutting down four entire blocks, the entire San Jose Arts District, which is next door to the venue.  Just for us.  The best and coolest part of the city will be All SaaStr (more or less) and 10+ cool venues all on the same street and block will be reserved just for SaaStr Annual attendees that evening.  Even venue will be a mini-party (some sponsored, some not) with a topical theme for each and different nibbles and drinks (from sales and marketing to product and builders), and you’ll be able to go to any and all of them, or hang out with the DJ, art exhibits, and more we’ll have right on First Avenue.  It will be a ton of fun and better encourage networking and meeting new folks on the first day of Annual.  We’re also have fun activities like rock climbing all night to help you meet new friends.

See you there!  This should be an upgrade to Annual and a lot of fun.  Look for more upgrades announced in the coming weeks and months!




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