So for 5+ years we’ve had a very specific set of speaker guidelines at SaaStr Annual and related events.  We’ve had a majority of women speakers since 2017, and aim for 66% less represented speakers.  We’re not close to perfect and keep learning.

Since Covid hit though, we did a lot of digital events.  We didn’t plan to, but in the end, we got good at it.  And one thing we got from 7+ major digital events, each with 50,000+ viewers and 5,000-20,000 registrants is a lot of data.  A lot more of it.

Here’s what we learned in a nutshell:

  • + 44% more attendance if 50%+ women session
  • + 240% more post-event views if diverse speakers
  • – 53% lower registration for solo male speakers

Look at that for a minute before you do another manel, or have yet another webinar with a non-diverse set of speakers.

You know you can do better.  But the numbers say go further not later, but now.  They say you have to do better.  To get the leads.  To get the ROI.

Our digital events see far, far higher attendance at sessions with at least 50% women speakers.  And far, far higher post-event views on YouTube and our blog if the majority of speakers are diverse.  And much much higher registration if the speaker isn’t a solo male speaker.

This is real money.  You put in the time to do an event, to produce content, to have an amazing session.  That takes a lot of work.

Don’t you want it to perform 44%-240% better?

Of course you do.

It’s easy. Make it diverse.  Make it truly inclusive.

Because that’s what people want to watch.  And that’s what you want, too.

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