Of the SaaS Class of ’06, Everyone Great Got to $100,000,000 in ARR Eventually. Everyone.

So a little while back, the last of our little class of SaaS 2.0 apps of 2006 got to $100,000,000 in ARR:

Conga is a pioneer in the document creation and assembly space (as a sponsor of 2020 SaaStr Annual — thank you!!).

But let’s put the details aside. The interesting part is that (x) every member of the Class of 2006 in SaaS that (y) got to $10m ARR or so with happy customers … (z) got there. To $100m in ARR.  At least, every single one I was close to and knew.

Adobe Sign / EchoSign made it a while back. Box blew past it quickly. Apptus had some big drama but got there. All of them.

And Conga had a very interesting story. It was originally 2 great, bootstrapped founders who took the company with just a small handful of employees to about $15m in ARR themselves, with no investors, and sold the company to PE/VC. At the time, they actually weren’t growing that quickly — maybe 40% at best at $12m-$15m in ARR. But now, at $100m ARR, 7 years later … they are growing faster than at $15m ARR.

We all want to grow like Zoom. But what I see now, is that we all take slightly different routes to get there. I salute Conga, and the rest of the best of 2006.

Everyone got there. Everyone with a strong product, happy customers that got just to $10m ARR at least.

unicorn image from here

Published on November 13, 2019

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