People loathe sales because they are making the mistake of mapping their experiences as, essentially, Very Small Businesses, as the general experience of a corporate buyer.

Yes, you and I just want to buy in one click, on a website. I rarely if ever want to talk to a salesperson.

Just think about buying a car. The last thing you want to do is go into an auto showroom and having to deal with all that. The drama, the negotiation, the attempt to get you to buy an $800 CD Player and some rust protection you don’t need or want.

But that’s not what a sales professional does for a Fortune 5000 buyer. That buyer isn’t buying a commodity. That buyer is implementing a ton of business process change. That buyer needs to build a case for her colleagues to buy the solution. That buyer needs to do a competitive analysis that is customer-tailored for her specific corporate needs. That buyer may want a deep proof-of-concept or other trial period to prove the solution will work, and wants help with best practices for this deployment.

In this case, when you are buying a complex solution — a great sales rep does a ton of the work for you.

This is a gift. As a VP or Director in a Big Company, a great sales rep at a vendor can make my life much easier.

Once you see that, you’ll see sales differently.

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