Q: What’s the best way to get more leads right now?

There are many “lists” you can buy out there, and most will perform relatively poorly. After all, no one on that list opted in to hear about your product. Still, they can be worth buying if your value prop is so unique and strong it can clearly be defined in one great subject line, and a short, tight email.

What you really want if your deal size isn’t tiny are at least somewhat qualified leads for your team to follow-up with.  A handful of real, qualified leads you can add to the team’s pipeline — next month.

Some ideas:

  • Do joint marketing with other vendors in the space. If you do a joint webinar together with another vendor in a space, this is a great way to develop at least a handful of leads that are on-point for your product. You can socialize your lists and attendees with the other vendor in an organic, customer-centric fashion.
  • Do paid marketing where your competition also does it. Don’t flee the spaces where your competitors are strong. At least a handful will be looking for a newer, more innovative vendor.
  • Ask your customers. Ask your users and customers who else could benefit from your product. Even if it’s just a few leads, they often are of very high quality.
  • Try Facebook ads if you haven’t.  While everyone tries Adwords, for some reason, many SaaS companies still don’t invest in Facebook ads.  They are much more highly targeted, and in many cases much more cost-effective, than Adwords.  They perform especially well with SMBs.
  • Follow up with all your champions that have moved on to other companies.  Do you know where your champions have moved on to?  They’ll often bring you into their next company and role.  But it can help a lot to get the ball rolling.  Find out where they went — and reach out.  A bit more here.
  • Invite your existing customers to regular webinars together with your prospects.  Do this, and your customers will sell your product to them for you.  A bit more here.
  • Do a small amount of high-quality content marketing. An amazing blog post — the best in your industry — can generate at least a handful of great leads. Mediocre content marketing often generates few of them, however. Emphasize quality over quantity. A bit more here:  Corporate Blogs Always Work. But Only If You Do Them Right. | SaaStr
  • Do events — when you can one way or another capture leads. Booths can work well, once we can go back to the IRL world. Today, a digital workshop with lead capture often works well too. The advantage here is customer concentration combined with intent. Yes, booths and workshops can be expensive. But if they are the #1 or #2 in your space, they often will also attract a significant number of potential customers. A bit more here: Events: Are They Worth the Big Expense? | SaaStr


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