Q: SaaS startup owners, what would you do with customers who cheat on your service, for example, they bought a license for 1 site, but use it for many sites by changing the settings?

Let it go.

It won’t matter in the long run, and you’ll spend way too time, and burn too many internal cycles, trying to catch one tiny cheater. You are better off taking those learnings and just go build a more valuable product.

Most apps that are seat-based have some potential for low-end users to cheat.


  • You’ll add more group-level value to your app over time. That will discourage account sharing.
  • Bigger companies don’t really cheat. They just buy the licenses they need.
  • The overall “cheaters” will be a token amount of revenue.
  • Later, you will have too many customers to care.

Design an app that everyone loves enough to pay for. And that has enough identity-based and group-level functionality so that everyone will want their own seat.

Then the problem solves itself over time.

For now, you have bigger things to worry about.

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