You need to learn to become a parallel recruiter. To constantly, painfully, boring-ly be recruiting the next level of management and managers — all the time. Doing 30+ interviews a month — minimum.

In SaaS, you need more VPs earlier. By $1m in ARR, you need a VP of Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Product and Engineering (if you can afford them all). At least.

Where I see a lot of SaaS founders fail after $1m ARR is when they are only able to be part-time recruiters, episodic recruiters, and/or sequential recruiters. “I’ll focus on the product hire first. Then I’ll get to customer success.”

That sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t, but it always does a disservice to a SaaS business.

You need them all.

It’s a tough adjustment for many. And many take too long to make it. And those that don’t, never do something really big.

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