It is sloppy.

The ability to patch and deploy at will is almost certainly a good thing in B2C. Google can roll out test features whenever it wants.

But in the enterprise, SaaS also encourages sloppiness that often is at conflict with what is takes to ship an enterprise-grade product:

  • Sloppy security. We’ll fix it later.
  • Sloppy bugs. We’ll test it more later. But will you? Probably not. Not so cool if your business relies on the product.
  • Half-finished features. We’ll improve it later. Maybe OK if it’s a new feature in Maps. Not that great if your business relies on the feature.
  • Sloppy release schedules. Late? We’ll just push to another release. Whatever.

The ability to deploy code at anytime has many benefits. SaaS is much, much better for almost anything that the rigid products that came before.

But it can encourage a “not ready for primetime-ness” that can get you into holes it’s tough to dig out of. And riddles your product with technical and other debt.

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