It’s true none of these monikers make much sense anymore. “Cloud” itself doesn’t really make sense. If you are storing your content on Box’s own servers, why is that “The Cloud”? Why are AWS and Google and Azure all “The Cloud”? It doesn’t really make sense anymore now that the cloud is less a concept of compute and more a heterogenous set of commercial services.

Similarly, “SaaS” no longer real makes sense in a world where the cloud and web services have won the battle over on-premises software. The vast majority of software, or at least, new software, new IPOs and new services, are software-as-a-service. No one really buys software on CD-ROMs anymore. On-premise software is still a very large category by dollars, but niche in concept now.

But SaaS has become shorthand for business products people pay for. And Cloud has become shorthand for services that integrate with other webservices, and store data on the internet and rent compute.

Changing them now would be even more confusing. We work in the Cloud, and we use SaaS products to make money from it.

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