I’ve found that in SaaS at least, every founder gets pretty good at public speaking at some point. Maybe by $20m ARR, $40m ARR, maybe it takes a while.

But eventually. They all get pretty good.

I’ve put 200+ CEOs on stage at the various SaaStr Annual 2017 conferences.

Some, like Aaron Levie or Dharmesh Shah for us, are automatic crowd favorites, and probably could speak on any topic and wow thousands no matter what they were talking about.

But almost every Founder CEO, after Customer 1000 or so, gets pretty good at least at talking about their own customers, product, and team. Almost every one. No matter how rough they were in the early days.

Really, it just takes practice. By the time your on stage for the 100th time, you’ll be at least pretty good.

The key is talk about what you know. Then the passion will come out. And after a few times, a few mistakes, a few butterflies. It gets easier. And then finally, you get comfortable. And then you finally get … good.

Trust me.

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