About 24 months ago, we crossed 2,000,000 views on Quora.

Then, 15 months ago, we crossed 5,000,000 views on Quora.

A little less than 7 months ago, we “celebrated” passing 10,000,000 views on Quora.

As of today, we’ve doubled again to 20,000,000 views, or about 10x in 24 months:

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 9.53.19 AM


This isn’t SaaS and again, the learnings are limited.  But it’s similar in one sense at least:  in the past 7 months, more people have read SaaStr content on Quora than the previous 4 years combined.  You get the same sort of effect in SaaS …
for quite a few years, you’ll have more customers buy your product in the preceding 12 months than all other years combined.

The other key similarity is this:  your markets will expand, given time.  Start off, usually, with a niche.  That niche may be larger than you anticipated.  And then — that niche may even grow itself into something less niche.

Looking forward to seeing 5,000 of you in person next week at the SaaStr Annual.

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