So SaaStr crossed 57,000,000 views on Quora.  What’s on everyone’s mind?  What are we most thinking about?  Here are the Top 10 Most Popular Answers of the past 12 months:

#1: “I’m tired of running my (very) successful (VC funded) startup after 5+ years. What should I do?“.  A classic we’ve written about on Quora and on  It never gets easier folks.  You just get better.

#2.  How do VCs value startups?  It’s a surprisingly nuanced question.

#3: “How does a CEO/founder/owner pick his/her salary?”.  This is a really popular topic.

#4: “What were the signs you missed before you lost a major customer?”  Watch for these signs.  They are right there if you are really looking.

#5: “Why do tech companies pay their employees so much money?”  Again with the money.

#6: “What makes a bad CTO?”  Some signs to look for.

#7: “How much does a VC partner earn?” Again with the money.

#8: “Are there any examples of a unicorn that was bootstrapped?”  There are good examples.  But most aren’t.

#9: “Why did Microsoft buy Wunderlist and destroy it?”  What seems like a lot of money to you may just be an experiment for a tech mega leader.

#10: “What are the best-kept secrets about venture capital?”  Less secrets and more really just stuff that isn’t obvious. A good read.


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