Welcome to Episode #2! I am thrilled to welcome Andy Lark, CMO at Xero, the world’s fast growing SaaS company and leader in online accounting. For the past two decades, Andy has worked alongside CEOs to define and attain digital and brand greatness for their institutions. Prior to joining Xero, Andy worked with the likes of Dell, Sun Microsystems and The CommonWealth Bank Of Australia.

andrew_larkIn today’s show with Andy we discuss:
How Andy came to be CMO at the world’s fastest growing SaaS company.
How Andy structures his team.
What does Andy make of the expansion of the traditional marketing role?
How to approach branding with regards to competitors.
What are the main differences of the old enterprise world compared to selling SaaS to SME’s today?
What lesson has Andy learnt recently that changes the way he works?
Andy’s favourite SaaS resource?
How does Andy approach the issue of work/life balance?

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