Welcome to Episode 10! To celebrate this milestone, we have a very special guest: Mathilde Collin. Mathilde is the CEO and Co-Founder of Front, one of the world’s most innovative young SaaS startups working in the space of email collaboration, and in today’s show with Mathilde we discuss:Mathilde_Collin

Mathilde’s experience as a young founder and CEO in the enterprise space.
How did Mathilde manage to attract some of the world’s top talent and hire effectively?
What were her biggest takeaways from her time at YC?
Why did Mathilde decide to raise US funds rather than European?
How has the evolution of content marketing altered Front’s sales strategy?

In a round we call the 60 Second Saastr, we also hear:

Hiring Your First VP of Sales: When and What Questions To Ask?
Mathilde’s favourite SaaS resource?
Compare UK to US investor mindsets?

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Mathilde Collin

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