We’re kicking off the official SaaStr/CSS speaker series at the new 15,000 square foot SaaStr CoSelling Space on November 30 (big thank you to Fred Stevens-Smith, CEO of RainforestQA for doing the unofficial first one at our quiet pre-open house for the first group of companies working out of the CSS).

Christoph Janz of Point Nine Capital, who many of you already read and follow, is in town and we’ll do an informal speaking session together with an amazing SaaS CEO many of you also follow, Mathilde Collin of Front and with Jason.


This will be a fun group, we’ve all known each other for quite a while.

We’ll start with cocktails at 5:30, and then kick off an informal founder-centric discussion at 6pm.  We’ll have open Q&A but we’ll touch on:

  • Coming to the U.S. — challenges and learnings.
  • Raising seed and A capital in the U.S. (Front just closed a $10m+ round from Social Capital)
  • Building your first management team
  • And many other lessons learned moving from Europe to U.S. and scaling from $0 to millions in ARR rapidly.

You’ll learn a lot from Christoph and Mathilde.

Grab a ticket here — we have about 25 set aside for the SaaStr Community.

And read the great story of Front’s recent round in Business Insider here.


If you’re interested in working out of the CSS, we’ve finalized the first group of great SaaS companies in the space, but we’ll have more room soon for a handful of full-time companies between $8k-$100k in MRR to work out of the CSS.  Also, great SaaS companies that are here part-time as they move to the U.S. — we have space for another 4-5 of those as “part time” CSS residents.  Apply and learn more here.

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