Welcome to Episode 39! Cindy Padnos is the Founder and Managing Partner at Illuminate Ventures where she focuses on all things Enterprise/B2B cloud and mobile computing sectors. Prior to founding Illuminate in 2009, she was one of three investment professionals at Outlook Ventures responsible for committing the firm’s $140 million fund. Cindy also has extensive experience in the world of operations, where she founded and sold one of SaaS’s first on demand startups in the form of Vivant.Cindy_Padnos

In today’s episode with Cindy we discuss:
How Cindy made her way into the world of SaaS and later SaaS investing.
Why does Cindy think SaaS is a democratizer for entrepreneurship?
Is the proliferation of Sales and Marketing tools not a challenge for startups in terms of competing for the same VC dollars?
Is it easier or more challenging for startups to raise VC funding today than in previous years? Why?
How does Cindy assess product market fit with her portfolio companies? When is the right time to put pedal to the metal?
What does Cindy make of the Micro VC market at the moment? How prominent are party rounds? Will we see consolidation?

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