Welcome to Episode 35! Matt Garratt currently runs Salesforce Ventures with the mandate to build out Salesforce’s ecosystem of partners with equity investments. Matt has led key strategic investments at Salesforce in companies such as former guests Gainsight, and Invoca, as well as Anaplan and Insidesales.com, just to name a few. Prior to Salesforce, Matt was a VP at the prestigious SaaS investor Battery Ventures. Also in the show today, we mention Jason Lemkin and Aaron Ross’s new book From Impossible to Inevitable: How Hypergrowth Companies Create Predictable Revenue and if you have not read that, that is a must and can be found here!Matt_Garratt

In this episode with Matt you will learn:
How Matt made his entry into the world of VC and came to run Salesforce Ventures.
What did Salesforce do right to give Matt the ability to formalize the fund? What did Matt learn in the less formal stages of investing?
What are the benefits that startups receive from being portfolio companies of Salesforce Ventures?
How does matt view Salesforce Ventures in the early stage investing landscape? Does Matt like to co-invest with other prominent funds?
How does M&A work within Salesforce Ventures? Are you willing to sell to your competitiors?

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