Welcome to Episode #44! Andy Sparks is the Co-Founder and COO of Mattermark. He was previously the Technology Editor at Referly before the company pivoted to become Mattermark. Andy joined the Referly team via an acqui-hire of his company, LaunchGram, by Referly in February of 2013. Now I am going to leave the bio there as Andy does a much better job of it in the show than I do! Huge thanks to Nick Frost for making the intro to Andy!Andy_Sparks

In today’s episode you will learn:
How Andy came to be a 1st time Head of Sales with Mattermark.
What are the requirements for stretch VPs to be successful?
How can Head of Sales clearly and efficiently communicate with their reps? What are the 3 things all sales reps have to be trained on?
What are the must haves when looking at sales reps? Are there different types of reps for different stages in the business?
How to effectively establish a compensation structure for your sales team that is incentivizing to them and to the company.

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