Our friends at Salesforce have put up two videos of the SaaStr sessions at Dreamforce.

The first one I did with my co-author and good friend, Aaron Ross.  I thought this session was pretty darn good, although if you’ve been reading SaaStr for a while, you’ve seen a lot of the content.  We took a lot of the good content on top mistakes in building your first great sales team and repurposed it.

But we updated it with new stories and new anecdotes and I think it’s pretty solid:

Then, Aaron and I joined BJ Lackland of Lighter Capital on a wide-ranging AMA-style conversation on funding, capital and scaling for start-ups:

Thank you to the Salesforce team, Mike Kreaden, Leyla Seka, and everyone else for having us!!

(Also, notice the transition from Suave CEO / Salesman Aaron Ross to Bad Arse David Beckham Aaron Ross in the two videos).

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