So there’s a tiny bit of a disagreement on when SaaStr started, but we’ve sort of aligned on this SaaStr post:  Everybody Lies, SaaS Revenue in the Inc. 5000.  It was a fun post looking at the actual GAAP and ARR of many leaders way back in 2012, from HubSpot to Marketo and more.

Boy, they’ve grown up in 10 years!

Back then, there was so little transparency in SaaS.  And so little of a sense of how permanent SaaS is.  Now we know that the best SaaS companies just last decades.

Fast forward to today, we’ve:

  • Had over 70,000,000 views of our Quora content, an early heart and soul of SaaStr content
  • Created the world’s largest community gathering, now on its 8th edition: the 8th SaaStr Annual, attracting 10,000 top SaaS execs, and we’ve had 3 epic SaaStr Europas
  • Published over 580 podcasts, with over 8,000,000 downloads so far
  • Over 150,000 have attended our digital events, SaaStr Build and SaaStr Scale in particular
  • Had over 5,000,000 views of our epic YouTube channel, with 500+ videos from the best in SaaS, teaching you how to do it.  From the CEOs of Slack and Zoom and MongoDB and Notion and Asana and Calendly, to the top revenue and engineering leaders in Cloud.
  • Had over 4,600,000 readers of our blog
  • Have over 400,000 readers a week of our newsletters
  • Have almost 15,000 learning SaaS at the free SaaStr University

And did almost all of it for FREE.  Yes, we charge for tickets to our IRL events, but for the most part — that’s it.  99% of SaaStr’s content, learnings, sharings, and more have been, and are, free.  And will remain so.

So much has changed in that decade.  Especially, that there are so many more SaaS veterans now.  Folks that know how to do it, and many of whom are happy to share.

And so many more leaders to look up to and learn from.  When we started SaaStr, just about the only public SaaS company was Salesforce.  Since then, we now have 100+ SaaS and Cloud public leaders to learn from.

We’re just getting started.  Look for a lot more in 2023 — and the next decade.

But our mission has stayed the same.  To help the next generation share, scale, and learn.  To help the next generation get to $100m ARR with less stress, and more success.

Thank you SO MUCH for being part of SaaStr.

We Are SaaStr.

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