SaaStr University Crosses 3,000+ Founders, Execs and More — Learning Together!

We launched over the holidays and have already crossed 3,000 founders, CEOs, and SaaS execs learning on the platform.

About 60% of the folks on SaaStrU are founders, the rest are a mix of sales, marketing, and product professionals.

SaaStrU currently consists of 300 lessons spread across 3 courses.  They are a combination of updated, refreshed content paired with the best videos and lessons from our top speakers over the past years.  We’ll start you off with 5-10 lessons to get you going, and then every few days, send you another.

We also have daily shared discussions on top operational challenges, from pricing to SOC compliance, and more!

It’s 100% FREE!  So give it a shot!

And even if you know every piece of content cold, send your team to  It will help kick-start training them!

Published on February 1, 2020

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